Current JAC Apprentices

The following rules have been set by the JAC (Joint Apprenticeship Committee) and are expected to be followed by the apprentice after their contract has been signed.


Safety Training: In order to qualify for contract completion, apprentices must complete the four levels of the CSAO Safety Program. Standard First Aid and CPR is included in the Level 1 and must be kept current.

Trade School Bookings: Apprentices must notify the MLTSD to confirm attendance at Trade School.


Trade School: – The JAC office must have results within 4-6 weeks after completion.

Out of Town: Pay stubs must be photocopied and submitted to the JAC office in order for hours to be credited.

Record of Hours: It is up to the apprentice to keep their record books up to date and to notify the JAC 150 hours prior to term change.

Inappropriate Behaviour: If any behaviour problems take place on the job, an investigation will be done, including reports from Journeyman and the Foreman.


Educational Credits: Educational activities which have the prior approval of the JAC will be credited up to 1,000 hours.

Trade School Sessions: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of Trade School must be completed successfully.

Hours credited for Trade School: Apprentices must provide proof of passing to the JAC 4-6 weeks after your last day of class in order to have hours credited against their contract.

Failure to Maintain Contact: The JAC will review apprentice contract if failure to keep in touch is left for a period of one year or longer.

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