Frequently Asked Questions


When will you be accepting applications for the Electrical Apprenticeship?

Our applications are currently OPEN.

We will be accepting applications from:

July 2, 2024 – July 31, 2024

Please check hereApplication Intake Date”  for more information.


How / Where do I apply?

You must apply in person at:

Construction House
370 York Boulevard, Suite 102
Hamilton, Ontario
L8R 3L1

Arrive at the office with all the essentials:

  1. Resume (reference letter may be requested);
  2. Your official and authorized High School transcript that shows you have graduated high school and have your grade 12 math at the college or university level. (GEDs are accepted.) (The grade 12 math course must have a “C” or “U” in the course code.)

Please Note:  We do NOT accept grade 11 courses, college transcripts, university transcripts or a print out from as substitutes for an official high school transcript or a grade 12 math credit.  “Math for Everyday Life” MEL4E or ACE Core Mathematics will also NOT be accepted.

If you have questions about the math you have, please call 905-522-1070 for more information

3. $20 (cash or cheque) to book aptitude test (The test is not written on the same day that you apply)

These requirements MUST be met in order to fill out an application for an electrical apprenticeship.

Can I apply online?

No, applications can only be filed out in person at our office (370 York Boulevard, Hamilton) when the intake period is open

Will you accept a GED?

Yes, GEDs are accepted. Please bring the grade report along with your certificate of completion.

I applied last time you were open for applications and was not accepted, can I apply again?

Yes, you are welcome to apply again, but you MUST still bring all 3 requirements with you.

I am still in high school but currently in my last year, can I still apply?

No, you MUST be graduated high school in order to apply.

I did not graduate high school, can I still apply?

No, you MUST be graduated high school in order to apply.

I graduated high school but don’t have grade 12 math, can I still apply?

No. Grade 12 math is one of the requirements you must have in order to receive an application form.

My High School transcript is from outside of Ontario, what do I do?

If your High School education is from outside Ontario, you MUST have your documents assessed to show that the high school you took is equivalent to Grade 12 Graduation and Grade12 math here in Ontario. The International Credential Assessment Service of Canada is where we see assessments come from most often and the Secondary School Comprehensive Assessment Report is what we will need to see. Please contact the ICAS of Canada for current prices and processing times.

I currently have a Registered Training Agreement as a 309A Construction and Maintenance Apprentice, can I apply?

No. We only accept those who do not already have a registered 309A Apprenticeship. Please contact the Local 105 IBEW at (905) 387-1721 for more information.

What happens after I fill out the application?

Once the requirements are met and an application has been filled out, you will then be scheduled to come back on another day to write an aptitude test.

How long is the wait once you have been accepted for an apprenticeship?

Once you have been accepted, you will be placed on a ready to hire waiting list. There is no determined wait time for this list.

How long are the contracts for an Electrical Apprenticeship?

Each contract is 9000 hours. Those hours are divided up evenly to construct a five year agreement.

How many terms of Trade School are required?

There are a total of 3 levels that must be completed through out the 9000 hour contract.  The levels consist of: Basic (8 weeks), Intermediate (10 weeks) and Advanced (11 weeks).

What will I learn while I am in Trade School?

Trade School is a mandatory component of the contract of apprenticeship because it teaches all the characteristics of the electrical trade. Some of the elements of Trade School include: Electrical Code, Print Reading and Drawing, Electrical Theory, Instrumentation etc.

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L8R 3L1

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