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Frequently Asked Questions

Q  When will you be accepting applications for the Electrical Apprenticeship?

A    Electrical Applications are CLOSED. Please keep checking the website for the next intake period.

Q    How / Where do I apply?

A    When the application period is open, the ECAH office holds applications for all persons wishing to apply. 

Arrive at the office with all the essentials:

1) Resume (reference letter may be requested);

2) Grade 12 transcript (must have Grade 12 diploma with Grade 12 University or College level math) and;

3) $20 to book aptitude test  (The test is not written on the same day that you apply)

These requirements MUST be met in order to fill out an application for an electrical apprenticeship.

If you require any further information please contact:

Nicole Filipe

Phone: (905) 522-1070

Email: nfilipe@bellnet.ca


   How long is the wait once you have been accepted for an apprenticeship?

A    Once you have been accepted, you will be placed on a ready to hire waiting list. There is no determined wait time for this list.

   How long are the contracts for an Electrical Apprenticeship?

A    Each contract is 9000 hours.  Those hours are divided up evenly to construct a five year agreement.

Q    How many terms of Trade School are required?

A    There are a total of 3 levels that must be completed through out the 9000 hour contract.  The levels consist of: Basic (8 weeks), Intermediate and Advanced (both 10 weeks).

   What will I learn while I am in Trade School?

A    Trade School is a mandatory component of the contract of apprenticeship because it teaches all the characteristics of the electrical trade.  Some of the elements of Trade School include:  Electrical Code, Print Reading and Drawing, Electrical Theory, Instrumentation etc.



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